Getting To Know Our Amazing Hygienist, Toni

WE ALL FEEL IT IS A PRIVILEGE to work with Toni and truly enjoy spending time with her. Since most of you only have a chance to see her a couple of times a year, we wanted to give you an opportunity to see more of the Toni we have all grown to love!

So, We Asked Toni A Few Fun Questions

So, we asked her a few questions to help you get to know her a little better. Those questions are found below—along with her answers. We hope you enjoy them!

Married? Children?

“I am recently married. My husband, Nick, and I have known each other since high school and our friendship has grown into the wonderful relationship we have now. I have two children: Robbie (age 11) will be going into the 6th grade at Jenks West Intermediate. He wrestles, does gymnastics and loves art. Gabbie (age 7) will be going into the second grade at Jenks West Elementary. She plays softball and loves arts and crafts.”

My children surprise me every day with things they have learned or with the deep questions that they ask. Frequently, Robbie asks me, “so what did you learn today mom?” He knows that you learn at least one new thing every day and he doesn’t want me to miss out on it! My daughter was the only one in her class that chose to be a doctor/hygienist when she grows up!”

What made you decide that you wanted to become a dental hygienist?

“I always wanted to do something that involved being around people all day in a setting where I could help them somehow. I was very interested in the medical field and dental hygiene was the natural fit for me. I not only help people with their oral health but with their overall health as well.”

Do you have an unusual or interesting hobby?:

“When people ask me if I have any hobbies, I usually joke that my hobby is laundry. My children’s extracurricular activities take up most of my free time. However, I do enjoy scrapbooking and would like to learn how to sew.”

What do you enjoy most about being a dental hygienist?:

“The thing that I enjoy most about being a dental hygienist is when I see such a wonderful change in my patients’ oral health and then see their pride in the hard work that led to the change. It is also nice to see a young child that was very timid during their first visit, run up and give me hugs and smiles on their return visits. I love hearing patients say things like, “No one has ever told me that before, thank you”; or “I was anxious about my visit today, but you were so gentle and patient, thank you”. Helping people feel comfortable while improving their oral and overall health is extremely rewarding.”

Do YOU have a question for Toni?

While you were reading the questions and answers above, did another question for Toni come to mind? If so, please enter it in the comments section below and we’ll be sure to pass it along to Toni for an answer! Also, you can always send a private question or comment to us on our Facebook page.

We look forward to seeing you during your next visit!