Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Glenpool Nitrous Oxide Sedation Dentist – Nitrous Oxide Sedation Glenpool

Dr. Scott White is a Glenpool nitrous oxide sedation dentist.  Inhalation conscious sedation involves breathing in a gas called nitrous oxide (laughing gas). This is a safe, effective way to help someone relax and feel at ease if they have mild anxiety about going to the dentist. Many patients report having a very pleasant dental visit with the use of nitrous oxide. Besides being very relaxing, nitrous oxide has many other benefits, such as decreasing saliva during treatment.

Unlike oral sedation, if you would like to use nitrous oxide, you may drive yourself to and from your appointment. Upon arriving at our office, you will be escorted to the treatment area and seated in the dental chair. Once you are comfortable, a mask will be gently placed over your nose and you will be given a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide. This mixture of gas will be closely monitored and adjusted for your comfort throughout your appointment. Because the level of oxygen you receive is much higher than what you would normally breathe, this is a very safe means of sedation.

If you have music you would like to listen to, a CD player with headphones is available for your use. Be sure to bring your favorite CD (or an iPod). If you prefer, we offer wireless, noise-reducing headphones so that you may peacefully enjoy satellite radio. Tinted glasses will be used for your comfort and eye protection. We will also provide a blanket and pillow at your request. It is our desire that you are fully relaxed and comfortable before, during, and after your dental appointment. We want you to feel at home!

Once your treatment has been completed, the nitrous oxide sedation will be turned off and you will be given pure oxygen until you feel back to normal. After the effects of the nitrous oxide have worn off completely, it will be safe for you to drive. You will feel comfortable and relaxed and may go about your day as you would normally.

Advantages of Nitrous Oxide Sedation:

  • It is safe for the patient and can be monitored closely
  • Works well for most people with mild anxiety and for children
  • Low Cost
  • You may go about your day afterwards feeling relaxed
  • You may drive to and from your dental appointment

Disadvantages of Nitrous Oxide Sedation:

  • On rare occasion, one may feel nauseated